If you want to what gamik is then you are in the right place because in this post we are going to answer the meaning of gamik. So now let's jump on to it. 

Meaning of Gamik

Gamik is a tool through which you can create swipeable panorama posts for Instagram. You can create a special picture using multiple photos. This app is great but it looks greater when use in dark mode. It doesn't come with the dark mode. 

It comes in the size of 1.4 MB. It comes in the affordable price range of $0.99. The age rating for it is 4+. and it comes with the language in English. 

 Gamik is an application that is made for board games.

The features of this app include

  • Information on the base game
  • Image list
  • List of Videos
  • Marketplace
  • Watchlist
  • Open game in BGG Side
New Features
  • The company added a contextual menu when you long-press the game correlated section in the image.
  • Added a contextual menu when you long-press an image on the search page.
  • Shared image button on the page of game detail.
  • Added thumbnail image.
Here is a simple strategy to make Gamik marketing

Gamik is an effective technique for marketing and it is very challenging when done correctly. 
The name gamik originally came from India. The Gamik is the most popular around the world. The name gamic was borne by 187 people. 

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