Bluehost Vs AWS which is better in 2022


Bluehost Vs AWS which one is better

Both Bluehost and AWS provide web hosting services. Both are good in their own way. While Bluehost is a good option for web hosting while AWS provides good services to app developers and those whose sites get massive traffic.

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Bluehost Vs AWS which one is better

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Bluehost is much cheaper than AWS which comes with complete cPanel and one-click installation for WordPress. AWS is generally made for app developers.  

Complete overview of Bluehost Vs AWS

AWS provides many important tools such as mobile, developers tools, management tools, IoT, security, enterprise apps, and more. AWS provides many services as compared to other industries. Bluehost is a very big player in the hosting service provider industry. it was founded in 2003. There are almost 2 million websites hosted on its server. 
Bluehost is known for its reliability and user-friendliness. 
You can know more about Bluehost by clicking on the link. 

AWS provides a variety of tools such as mobile, developers tools, management tools, IoT, security, enterprise app, and more. So we can say that AWS provides much more tools than any other industry. 

In 2010 Bluehost was purchased by Endurance international group. The host is consistently improving their services and becoming the only three hosts officially recommended by WordPress. 

If you want to know more about Bluehost, you can go to their official website and learn more


Performance is one of the most important features if we are comparing the industry. We test the hosting of both Bluehost and AWS. The performance of both Bluehost and AWS is amazing and lasts for a long period of time. 


We test the page load speed of AWS and find that the speed of AWS is above average. After doing a lot of research we can that the speed of AWS is a little bit low. The average time of AWS is pretty average, around 380ms. The speed is consistently low than 100ms when we test the speed within Europe and North America.

We can say that the speed of AWS is not terrible for you. You will never irritate by the speed of AWS.

Bluehost Vs AWS which one is better

After doing a lot of research we can say that the speed of Bluehost is average. The speed of Bluehost is a little bit faster than AWS. The average speed of Bluehost is around 215ms. 

Bluehost Vs AWS which one is better
If we talk about the speed of the Bluehost then we can say that the speed of Bluehost is above average.


We believe that the fastest hosting server provides the best uptime. We are comparing the downtime of Bluehost & AWS. After a lot of research, Bluehost shows 99.99% of uptime which is very close to 100%. We just do not check the uptime because it is flick and changes frequently. We are also checking the uptime guarantee. If we talk about Bluehost then Bluehost doesn't provide an uptime guarantee. The Bluehost comes with an uptime of 99.99% which is pretty great. 

If we talk about the uptime of AWS then it shows 99.98% of uptime which is great. If we talk about the guarantee of uptime then it shows 99.9% of uptime which is closest to Bluehost.

If the uptime is 99.9% but it's greater and equal to 99.0% then you will get 10% service credit. If the uptime is less than or equal to 95.0%, you will get 25% service credit. If it is less than 95% you will get a 100% service credit.

If we talk about the winner of uptime, then we can say that Bluehost wins the race. 


Security is one of the main factors at the time of purchasing hosting because it makes your hosting safe from hackers. If the security of hosting is good then the owner of hosting feels safe and secure about the hosting. 

Bluehost Security Feature

The security feature of Bluehost is above average. This includes a Free SSL certificate from let's encrypt and Codeguard - A tool that can help you automatically back up your account.

It comes with a domain privacy tool that keeps your sensitive information safe. This tool will save your hosting from hackers. Bluehost also provides a position from google that gives you protection from spam mails. So if you want to enable secure file transfer then Bluehost supports PNG/GPG encryption. 

Bluehost offers Sitelock which is a third-party product serving as both of them are firewall and a malware scanner. It helps you to keep your information safe and secure. 

AWS Security Feature

AWS also provides good security services. Identity and access management (IAM) helps in creating rules, groups, and user permission to deny or allow their assess to AWS resources. 

It also provides a security group feature that can help you to create rules controlling incoming and outgoing traffic on your firewall.

Plans & Pricing

The pricing is the most considerable thing before purchasing any hosting. Is the hosting affordable to you? Let's check out the price structure of AWP and Bluehost.

AWS Linux Servers

  • Level 1: 512MB memory, 1 core processor, 20 GB SD card, 1 TB transfer ($3.50 per month)
  • Level 2: 1 GB of memory, 1 core processor, 40 GB SD disk, and 2 TB of transfer ($5 per month)
  • Level 3: 2 GB of memory, 1 core processor, 60 GB SD disk, 3 TB transfer ($10 per month)
  • Level 4: 4 GB of memory, 2 core processor, 160 GB SD disk, 4 TB of transfer ($20 per month)
  • Level 5: 8 GB of memory, 2 core processors, 160 GB SSD transfer, 5 TB of transfers ($40 per month)
  • Level 6: 16 GB of memory, 4 core processors, 320 GB of SSD disk space, and 6 TB of transfers ($80 per month)
  • Level 7: 32 GB of memory, 8 core processors, 640 GB SSD card, 7 TB of transfers ($160 per month)

Bluehost's Pricing

Bluehost provides four shared hosting plans. Many web hosting company provides three, but Bluehost provides a variety of features than others. The four plans are the basic plan, plus plan, choice plus plan, and the pro plan. 

The basic plan starts with

  • 1 website
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 1 free domain
  • 5 parked domain
  • 25 subdomains
  • 50 GB of storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
The plus plan comes with all the basic plans plus
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • $200 marketing offer
  • Spam experts
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited subdomains
The choice plan comes with all the plus plans including
  • Domain privacy and protection
  • 1 office 365 mailbox- free 30 days and Codeguard basic site backup
The Pro Plan
The pro plan is the most expensive plan offered by the Bluehost.

Pros of Bluehost
  • Starting rate of Bluehost is cheap 
  • Solid uptime
  • Generous storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
Cons of Bluehost
  • Speed should be better
  • Speed could be better
  • Only US servers
  • Poor backup options
Pros of AWS
  • Fast and Agile
  • Pay as you go
  • A capacity solution
Cons of AWS
  • Cloud computing glitches
  • Very expensive
  • Insecure Services
  • Country specific

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 After going through a lot of research we can say that Bluehost wins the race of Bluehost vs AWS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better domain or Bluehost

Both of them are user-friendly and come with many latest features. But in some features Bluehost can be a great option because Bluehost has a full suite of hosting options. 

2. What is Bluehost best for

Bluehost is best for its WordPress hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting, and multi-tiered pricing plans. Bluehost is famous for Its amazing user experience. 

3. Is AWS cheaper than hosting

The dedicated hosts of AWS are very expensive than dedicated servers. It cost approximately 450% more on average. 

4. Why Bluehost is the best hosting

The custom support, strong uptime, and affordable beginner plans make it the best hosting. The price of this hosting is much batter than some of the bigger brands in the market. 

5. Is Bluehost good for beginner

Yes, Bluehost is good for beginners. It provides all the basic necessities a beginner wants. 

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